Thursday 1 June 2017

New Artists

Discovering young and new artists into the art and design world is essential, and at Beffroi de Montrouge, 62nd Salon d Montrouge this has what's just taken place!

This event is specifically created to showcase a young generation of contemporary artists, to gather the recognition they deserve. 

From this fantastic event artists such as Felice Varini and Hervé Di Rosa have been revealed into the wider world. 

Felice Varini creates geometric perspective-localised paintings in a variety of spaces. We love his choice of using architectural and urban spaces, and encompassing the idea of a vantage point behind his modern trend style led work. 

Hervé Di Rosa on the other hand is completely the opposite in style. A French painter who brings to life unique characters with various mediums such as sculptures, installations and animations, offering bold graphics and an even brighter colour palette.

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