Friday 25 November 2016

Print and Pattern ft Belly Button Designs!

What a fantastic recognition Belly Button Designs has had on Print and Pattern! We are more than honoured to be displayed on such a well-known design platform.

Print and Pattern includes images from our new Platinum Collection of pale pinks, acid green and hand drawn type, to create a simple and stylish form.

It also featured our pretty feminine range of Paloma with plenty of metallics, florals and lovely captions for a range of birthday sends.

Our most recent designs included our new Serenity (& Rose Quartz), inspired by the current trend of "mindfulness" as well as the Pantone colour of the year.

As if that wasn't enough, we also got a mention for our new Christmas Collection! More, more, and more metallics! Our stylish and simple illustrations are keeping this collection festive and fun! From Copperfield to Malarkey, we have a send to suit all!

How happy we are to be included in the Print and Pattern Blog! Why not have a sneaky peak at their fantastic design blog, you can even read Belly Button Designs featured posts way back from October 2012!

To check out Print and Patterns blog post on Belly Button Designs, head over to! x

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Thursday 24 November 2016

Platinum - From then to now!

Through the years of creative designing for greeting cards, we believe our Platinum collection has always been something to be proud of. With years of development and progress, Platinum has become to be one of our  award winning and best selling ranges.

Where did it all begin? The journey to step away from our original style of work, brightly coloured hearts and flowers, was an exciting choice if a little chancy. We focused on a gold and silver colour palette to create neutral yet sophisticated designs. The look was hugely popular and would go on to produce top sellers. 

It wasn't long after that we started to add splashes of colours to compliment our captions, styles and ranges of greeting card purposes. Our well-loved design was about to be developed in 2015, a milestone too in the business - celebrating 21 years of contemporary design, to keep in touch with the current trends and styles of the year.

We’ve always strived to keep trend driven and current throughout the years, and this in large has led to the success of the range. Born from this ethos were the creations of Platinum Blue and Platinum Pink. 

Blue came from a strong influential colour trend of all things in interior home-ware and fashion at the time and the niche in the market of finding a suitable male greetings card. 

Very soon after we took on pink, through looking to ongoing trends and popularity. 

You can see how far we have come! Present day sees our Platinum collection continually evolving with new contemporary greetings cards that are fun and confident. With a strong palette based on trending colours, invested development on illustrations and graphics, this range brightens up any occasion!

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Friday 11 November 2016

Make it a December to Remember!

For the love of tinsel, Christmas is only around the corner! Our 2016 Christmas collection, with iconic designs to inspire, empower and will suitably express any personality and style. 

What a better way to start off the festivities than with our brand new Copperfield range of sends. Whether all you want for Christmas is prosecco or you want to make it a December to remember, this contemporary collection has got you covered! 

At Belly Button Designs we realise Christmas is all about giving and spreading the festive cheer. Our Platinum charity packs support the The Light Fund, an organisation that raises money to fund some amazing charitable projects which have made a difference to millions of people through the generosity of many. 

Platinum also offers a vairety of relation greetings cards that focusing on the traditional colour palette of Christmas with use of Red, Green, Gold and Silver we've captured christmas in the most festive way.

Our Malarkey collection brings glitter, shimmer and sparkles of happiness on each send. From our loved up pair of Robins to a spectacular Peacock, this collection shows off a mix of tradition and trend. All the Malarkey collections are hand-finished in our studio by our fantastic team painters.

Joy -  a collection literally that speaks for itself. Joy to all over the festive season means a new range of greetings cards from Belly Button Designs with a luxurious twist.

Paloma creates a sophisticated fashionable tone within our Christmas range, ready to be sent to a variety of loved ones. Enjoy our hand-fitted gemstones to let our cards sparkle as brightly as your Christmas will! 

Why don't you compliment with our brand new Bubble range? Offering a range of bags and wrap, you'll be able to wrap up christmas in style!

We truly believe our Christmas offering from our creative mavericks will make sure you've got the festive season truly covered! How are you possibly going to choose? 

And don't forget, have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

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Tuesday 8 November 2016

Luxurious Muse

This week we're taking inspiration from a range of fantastic and luxurious interior styles.
With the winter season fast approaching, looking at the idea of comfort in style to create a sense of warmth and contentment appears appropriate with the fast changing weather of the autumn sun to the winter sleet.

What screams luxury more than a complimenting colour pallet of Navy, Gold, Cream or Pink? 

Creating a sense of home-comfort, style and security is a must over the darkening months of winter, and we think that this sophisticated elegance will do just that. 

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