Thursday 1 June 2017

Belly Button Boutiques!

Our Belly Button Design boutiques are our pride and joy! With so many wonderful products on offer to our lovely customers, we just can't help but be constantly on the look out for new and exciting products to bring to you!

With our fantastic greeting card collections from ourselves, Belly Button Designs, and gift ware from our Belly Button Bubble range, our boutiques are filled to the brim with beautiful, heartfelt sends and gifts with everyone in mind!

From a recent trip to Pulse London we have found even more fantastic items to bring to you! From watches to wicker, you'll be spoilt for choice!

Cluse, a beautifully delicate style of watch, offers a beautiful gift for any occasion!

Anna Kilpe, a homely fragrance of amber, made from real amber! This candle has the power to change the feeling at home with light and warmth.

Come and say 'hello!' at our Belly Button Boutiques at either Chorlton, Heaton Moor or Didsbury!

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