Wednesday 28 September 2016

Who are you thinking of?

At Belly Button Designs, we love getting involved in Thinking Of You Week. SO much so we've decided to try and involve as many people as possible.

By taking a range of our greetings cards to Manchester Metropolitan University, we've decided to branch out and engage new and upcoming designers to see what its all about!

It's safe to say we had a fantastic response, with students writing to relatives, friends and partners; some even sending their cards across the globe!

At Belly Button, we've kick started Thinking Of You Week, so the only thing left to say is - who are you thinking of?

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Friday 23 September 2016

What's it all about BB?

A lot of belly buttoning activity starts this week end :)

Keep a look out for our very own scarecrow (BB) in this Sunday's hunt, crafted and lovingly made by talented creative Jess. 

Rotary's Scarecrow, Lampy will be arriving at The Heaton Mersey Community Centre, St John's Road at 1 pm to open the doors for folks to buy a map of the area to where you can find Scarecrows. Click here to swat up more on this!

We're "thinking of you" next week for GCA's annual TOYW. More to follow on this x

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Tuesday 20 September 2016

Platinum Heroes Collection goes BOOM!

There's been a huge POP of excitement this week over our new Platinum Heroes collection.

By keeping a Pop Art inspired theme throughout, our fantastic team of designers have created bold graphics from an even bolder colour palette. This is a birthday send that WOW's, will ZING and ultimately go BOOM - KA-POW take that!

Originally designed for our treasured youngsters, we realised further potential within the design to be able to also create for an older audience, including a birthday card for super-hero dads too!

The recurring pop art inspiration throughout our collection will certainly POP OUT on the shelf! Platinum Heroes offers a range of choice for young and old alike - besides, there's a big kid inside all of us ;)

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Wednesday 14 September 2016

This autumn we say hello SPRING!

For our brand new 2017 collection we’ve created a season like no other; that continues to push boundaries in design and captivates the imagination to live, love, laugh!

We are keeping it fresh and trend inspired with feminine spring blooms and bold graphic brights. 

There is a wealth of creative choice amongst our designs so you can make your mark with our distinctive style and gorgeous looks this season.

Let new adventures begin where blooms are planted!

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