Monday 9 June 2014

Budgies on Pinterest

We've been busy admiring lots of Budgie related pins on Pinterest this week. Take a look at our Budgie inspired pin board, full of vivid blues and canary yellows!
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Friday 6 June 2014

Colour in Context

Last night was the fourth evening of G.F Smith's 'Colour in Context' event. It took place in the industrial environment of Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.

We started off by watching a film about the making of Colourplan.

Whilst at the event we bumped into the lovely ladies from Paper Salad, seen above with our Art Director Emily and paper passionist Debbie! 

The iconic Colourplan promo pieces looked striking.
We saw samples of an exciting new range of papers, card, folded cards and envelopes from G.F Smiths 'The Papersmith Collection' which will launch soon. An exciting chance to mix and match the Colourplan shades.
There were some amazing goodie bags, including a roll of Colourplan paper and a book about G.F Smith and the story of how it began.The book featured many stories and tales of the creation of the company including the launch of Colourplan in 1972.G.F Smith have introduced 'Make Book'. A unique way of creating one-off books.
There were three guest speakers each giving their own thoughts and ideas on colour and how they use it within their practices. (From left to right) Kit NealeGemma Tickle and Luke Stephenson.
Kit Neale is a fashion designer who is known for his use of vibrant prints and abstract references. He launched his career at London Fashion Week in 2012.
Gemma Tickle is a set designer creating bold and often unusual oversized pieces for clients such as Elle, John Lewis and The Hunger magazine.

Luke Stephenson is a British photographer who interprets coloured backgrounds into his work. Stephenson creates affectionate portraits of his subjects and documents worlds often hidden from the mainstream.

A bright and bold evening, celebrating the importance of colour in our lives.


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Wednesday 4 June 2014

Eye Popping Colour!

Be inspired by this colourful collection, with envelopes in bubblegum pink, fiery red and peacock blue.
We've picked out some colourful finds and DIY's for you to try out!
Make your own polka dot pom pom party hats with this tutorial from 'Polka Dot Chair'.
 Bake something delicious looking with these heart shape cookies from the 'Glorious Treats' blog.

We love this decorative budgie from Rockett st George, perfect for putting on a lamp stand, bed frame or even a decorative birdcage.
Beautiful glitter heart cupcake toppers, you could make your own or buy them from 'Michie May' on Etsy.

Top up your colour quota with our fabulous Creme Brulee cards. Check out your local Belly Button stockist!


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Monday 2 June 2014

Pineapple love!

This fun and funky iconic fruit is bringing sunshine to the studio this week! Take a look at our Pineapple inspired pin board to bring some brightness to your day your day!

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