Wednesday 20 May 2015

Calligraphy Calling!

We love type, we love illustrating, we love crafting and we love going back to basics and exploring the roots of it all! So we were super excited to refresh our penmanship skills on a calligraphy workshop in London held by the lovely folk at Quill.

Here is a look into the day we had out of the studio….

We were given all the essential calligraphy materials and our newly acquired kit could be taken home with us so we could practice making beautiful shapes and strokes.

We then started to copy lower case and upper case alphabet before starting to develop our very own styles.

By the end we were well on our way to writing out our own captions and quotes in our personal free style of calligraphy - beautiful Lucy!

This was all accompanied by lovely cups of tea and pastries. 

If you are a fan of Calligraphy we suggest you check out

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Friday 1 May 2015

"G"rabbing "F"abulous "S"wag at the GF Smith launch

Super excited studio today as we were lucky enough to get our hands on “The Collection” - a book from GF Smith showcasing every paper, weight and embossing offering last night. 

Unveiled at Band on the Wall, Manchester, with scrummy food and drink along with DJ beats…we had to indulge! 

The shop is declared open and so a stampede of orderliness to pick up paper #swag begins.

We can’t get enough of our grey goodies!

We are thumbing are way through this huge indexing of textural delights. The touch and feel of a card, the envelope it’s received in are all elements carefully considered along with the creative imagery of every collection we lovingly craft.  

We absolutely love the ease of use. Look out for a featuring role in NEW collections! x

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