Wednesday 14 June 2017

Cuban Inspiration!

Here at Belly Button Designs we are constantly on the look out for fresh ideas and new inspiration!

This week we're taking the time to look at styles and colour palettes from all over the globe, especially the beautiful country that is Cuba!

With its streets filled with endless colour, and a strong sense of vibrancy at every turn, Cuba offers a distinctive palette to play with.

Not only are the streets popping with colour, but we are loving the traditional Cuban fashion style!
Bold repeat print galore, this tropical paradise brings us the most beautiful clothing inspiration.

All the prints and patterns to have a crush on, if only we were in the glorious Cuban sunshine!

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Wednesday 7 June 2017

Whats new for PG Live!

Driven by trend we, Belly Button Designs, have made our mark with brand new collections that are fresh and inspired every year, and 2017 has proven to be no exception!

Be the first to see these exciting brand new contemporary designs that have launched at PG Live.  With consistently high 'sell through' we've earned strong loyalty amongst leading design-led retailers of all sizes.

20 new designs have been added to our Award winning Platinum range, in the form of a pop-up, trend inspired collection developed from themes from our current portfolio, that explores colour, graphics, and draws on in-style fashion designs.

We need to mention our new animal inspired birthday cards that are in the mix of these new additions to Platinum that bring humour and charisma, from an 'otterly great birthday!' to 'birthday woofs!'.

PG Live shows the progression of one of our most successful collections - Noir! Originally designed for men-in-mind, Noir has developed from a male driven audience to a range for all, with Valentines, Christmas and the extension of the everyday collection. Keeping the use of opulent textures and accents of gold and copper, Noir covers weddings, birthdays and occasions, such as a 'new pad'!

The Belly Button brand has become an instantly recognisable and top selling success story for hundreds of UK and global retailers, and it's from this ethos we’ve created new gift ware company Belly Button Bubble, offering quality gift bags, roll wrap, tissue, notebooks, albums and china mugs.

Belly Button Bubble offers timeless elegance with our new Wedding Season range! Beautiful designs of trending hearts that simply say 'I love you', mixed with an inspired colour palette, compliment our greetings card sends. Coppers, pinks and greys accentuate our use of lilac and crystal greys to make you're wedding gift extra special.

We truly belive our Christmas offering from our creative mavericks will make sure you've got the festive season truly covered with iconic designs to inspire, empower and suitably express personality in style!

Brand new Estella will be hitting the Christmas stands this year! Painterly effects capture the heart warming coziness and concept of Hygge, to produce illuminating and fun Christmas sends. 

Product is sold extensively throughout the UK into card, gift shops and department stores. Ranges are also exported to USA Australia and Europe. We look forward to you joining our success story too! x

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Thursday 1 June 2017

Belly Button Boutiques!

Our Belly Button Design boutiques are our pride and joy! With so many wonderful products on offer to our lovely customers, we just can't help but be constantly on the look out for new and exciting products to bring to you!

With our fantastic greeting card collections from ourselves, Belly Button Designs, and gift ware from our Belly Button Bubble range, our boutiques are filled to the brim with beautiful, heartfelt sends and gifts with everyone in mind!

From a recent trip to Pulse London we have found even more fantastic items to bring to you! From watches to wicker, you'll be spoilt for choice!

Cluse, a beautifully delicate style of watch, offers a beautiful gift for any occasion!

Anna Kilpe, a homely fragrance of amber, made from real amber! This candle has the power to change the feeling at home with light and warmth.

Come and say 'hello!' at our Belly Button Boutiques at either Chorlton, Heaton Moor or Didsbury!

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New Artists

Discovering young and new artists into the art and design world is essential, and at Beffroi de Montrouge, 62nd Salon d Montrouge this has what's just taken place!

This event is specifically created to showcase a young generation of contemporary artists, to gather the recognition they deserve. 

From this fantastic event artists such as Felice Varini and Hervé Di Rosa have been revealed into the wider world. 

Felice Varini creates geometric perspective-localised paintings in a variety of spaces. We love his choice of using architectural and urban spaces, and encompassing the idea of a vantage point behind his modern trend style led work. 

Hervé Di Rosa on the other hand is completely the opposite in style. A French painter who brings to life unique characters with various mediums such as sculptures, installations and animations, offering bold graphics and an even brighter colour palette.

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