Thursday 1 December 2016

Beautiful Barcelona!

At Belly Button Designs we find it so important to constantly take in our surroundings for new and fresh inspiration, wether this be in the UK or far afield! This week, one of our members of the team has spent five days exploring beautiful Barcelona...

From Las Ramblas to the Gothic Quarter, there is creativity everywhere you look!

Placa Reial and El Gòtic - filled with quirky, odd and unique street art for all the tourists eyes to feast on.

Up many many staircases, hills and winding roads, sits the striking Park Guell - a huge highlight of the wonderful City. Named after Eusebi Guell, Park Guell is a public park composed of gardens and architectonic elements located on Carmel Hill.

Renowned architect Antoni Gaudi was assigned to create the distinctive architecture that steals the show of the park. With detailed and delicate mosaics and eccentric shaped buildings, Park Guell is a maze of wonder and miracle. The park even features the home of Antoni Gaudi.

Barcelona is known for its amazing buildings, structures and designs, and one in particularly, how could anyone forget the Sagrada Famîlia! The well-known Roman Catholic church was also designed by Antoni Gaudi, and is also famous for the on going building and design work to the structure - 134 years to date. A complex labyrinth of spires, windows and stone, who wouldn't be inspired by this intricate design work of the Art Nouveau age.

Belly Button Designs hopes you take inspiration from the artistic city of Barcelona.

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