Thursday, 24 November 2016

Platinum - From then to now!

Through the years of creative designing for greeting cards, we believe our Platinum collection has always been something to be proud of. With years of development and progress, Platinum has become to be one of our  award winning and best selling ranges.

Where did it all begin? The journey to step away from our original style of work, brightly coloured hearts and flowers, was an exciting choice if a little chancy. We focused on a gold and silver colour palette to create neutral yet sophisticated designs. The look was hugely popular and would go on to produce top sellers. 

It wasn't long after that we started to add splashes of colours to compliment our captions, styles and ranges of greeting card purposes. Our well-loved design was about to be developed in 2015, a milestone too in the business - celebrating 21 years of contemporary design, to keep in touch with the current trends and styles of the year.

We’ve always strived to keep trend driven and current throughout the years, and this in large has led to the success of the range. Born from this ethos were the creations of Platinum Blue and Platinum Pink. 

Blue came from a strong influential colour trend of all things in interior home-ware and fashion at the time and the niche in the market of finding a suitable male greetings card. 

Very soon after we took on pink, through looking to ongoing trends and popularity. 

You can see how far we have come! Present day sees our Platinum collection continually evolving with new contemporary greetings cards that are fun and confident. With a strong palette based on trending colours, invested development on illustrations and graphics, this range brightens up any occasion!

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