Wednesday 15 April 2015

Fashionably Fresh for 2015!

We’re super excited in the studio with the creation of a fashionably fresh collection for 2015 - Darling Denim. 

Dear Darling Denim,

It’s so good to be back together again! A flirtation with Fur, a liaison with Lycra and a sequin seduction couldn’t keep us apart for long!  I will always come home to you, my dear, familiar friend.

Do you remember dancing ‘til dawn, tumbling down hillsides and surfing in the sea? With you I am truly myself, you make me look good and feel great. We have come a long way and will continue our journey together in search of the wide, open spaces and new horizons that lie in the future.

Thank you Denim, my always, forever friend

Influenced by the fondness we have for the amazingly versatile fabric ‘denim’, which is ever present on the catwalks of Paris, London and New York and always in our wardrobes! 

Highstreet fashionistas are day dreaming of denim with Topshop, and we love Antropologie's offering. We've been fashionable pinning on Pinterest. "Trendicias" yes we agree - the Spanish take on the denim delivery. DENIM is definitely here!

Photographic shades of blue provide the garment backdrop to our loose, fine black line fashion drawings to create a feminine range that celebrates friendship with our forever friend 'denim'. We are also bloglovin the Breton stripes, in style since Coco Chanel used them in her nautical collection in 1917.

Darling shoppers, look out for our NEW designs in your local card and giftware shop! Darling traders, contact your local agent to stock up on 'Darling Denim', our NEW fashionably fresh collection...x

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