Tuesday 25 March 2014

The art of Metallic pens!

Oh! How we would love to receive one of these beautiful envelopes in the post! We have tested a selection of metallic pens to create beautiful envelopes, perfect for sending your favourite Belly Button card in!

    The 'Metalic Craft School' silver and gold gel pens were great for fine detail and writing!
This 'Posca Metallic Silver Marker' was definitely an over all favourite, it looked amazing against our charcoal envelopes!
'Chiltern metallic marker 'available in 5 different colours!
The Zig calligraphy pen with a small and large nib is perfect for calligraphy creatives! 

We loved the 'Chiltern Stationary Metallic Markers' for creating beautiful polka dotted envelopes, very simple and effective!

Go forth and be creative, have lots of fun!

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